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 Prometheus 0.13 by Avalanche

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MesajSubiect: Prometheus 0.13 by Avalanche   Vin Apr 10, 2009 7:00 pm

Prometheus 0.13 by Avalanche
Prometheus endows hostages with the ability to duck through small
spaces, climb up ladders, take fall damage, and use doors to get to
their leader. Take a look at the videos to see.

Ducking and climbing on cs_assault, ducking on cs_militia (video framerate: good)
Ducking, climbing, and fall damage on cs_assault, cs_militia, and cs_siege (video framerate: poor)


  • hostage_can_duck (default 1) - if hostages can duck or not.
  • hostage_climb_speed (default 256.0) - the speed at which hostages climb ladders. use 0.0 to disable hostage ladder climbing.
  • hostage_directional_ladders (default 1) - if hostages
    use smart ladder direction calculations to aid in climbing. disable
    only on maps that have awkward ladders which the hostages just can't
    seem to climb (I've only observed this on cs_backalley).
  • hostage_fall_damage (default 1.0) - the fall damage
    scale that hostages take (so 0.5 would be half damage, for example).
    use 0.0 to disable hostage fall damage. also note that hostage fall
    damage (with a scale of 1.0) tends to be just a little bit less than
    player fall damage.
  • hostage_fall_penalty (default 1) - if players lose
    money for damaging hostages through fall damage, and if it adds to
    their mp_hostagepenalty count when they kill a hostage through fall
  • hostage_use_door_distance (default 64.0) - if a door
    is between a hostage and his leader, the maximum distance that the
    hostage can be from the door to attempt to open it.

Modules Required

  • Cstrike
  • Fakemeta


  • Does not work on Condition Zero!
  • Thanks to GHW_Chronic for his get_speed_vector!
  • This doesn't change the fact that hostages are just all-around
    stupid. Trying to navigate some vents or climb a crazy ladder with all
    four hostages can be tricky sometimes.

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Prometheus 0.13 by Avalanche
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