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 Show Rules v2.0 by God@Dorin

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MesajSubiect: Show Rules v2.0 by God@Dorin   Vin Apr 10, 2009 6:50 pm

Show the rules to client when typing /rules in chat (say or say_team)
Admin can force a player to read server rules by command amx_rules Name - ADMIN_SLAY
The plugin reads file rules.txt (from cstrike folder). That file can be named of your choice an supports html.
This plugins displayes the content in MOTD


show_motd(id, "rules.txt", "Server Rules");

A message will appear in chat when a player askes
for server rules and when an admin force a player to read the rule
(controled by amx_show_activity cvar)

Client Commands:
/rules - Display server rules

Admin Commands:
amx_rules Name - force a player to read server rules

Message from tha chat appears in color and can be changed from *.sma:
- ^x01 - Yellow (Normal chat color)
- ^x03 - Team Color (Red=T, Blue=CT, Grey=Spec)
- ^x04 - Green

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Get Source

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Show Rules v2.0 by God@Dorin
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