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 ChatServ 0.1 - Control your server from telnet

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MesajSubiect: ChatServ 0.1 - Control your server from telnet   Vin Apr 10, 2009 6:42 pm

This plugin requires the Socket extension.

that s shouldn't be there

This plugin is not completely stable. I'm releasing it here to make it easier to find bugs and add features.

Thanks to:
Olly for md5.sp from IRC Relay
Liam for code to get a player's ping

This plugin allows you to control your server from a telnet client, similar to HLSW.
It has been made to be as secure as possible. None of the plugin's
settings are stored in cvars (so people can't go to game monitor and
find them), they are set by commands. It would be great if I could release this plugin with no public cvar to make it completely invisible.

sm_chatserv_setkey - Sets the key needed to create an account
sm_chatserv_setport - Sets the port the plugin uses. Needed for the plugin to start running.
sm_chatserv_setwelcome - Sets the welcome message people are sent when they connect.

Chat Commands:
/amsg - Sends a message to everyone connected to ChatServ (like in the screenshot)
May remove this as it gives away that the plugin is running.

Install the Socket extension
Put the .smx in your plugins folder. If you want to compile it yourself, download both .sp files.
(Optional) Add a database called chatserv in databases.cfg

When you first connect, you should see something like this:

Let's do as it says...

Ignore the debug text and version

Now that you're logged in, you can use the following commands:
- Sends a message to other people who are connected
/r - Exec commands on the server
/s - Short for /r say
/pw - Rcon password. You have to set this before you can use /r and /s
/i - See info on people in game
/u - See who's connected
/chat - Toggle seeing in game chat
/help - Nothing yet
/q - Quit. You can just close your client to achieve the same thing.

To do:
Remove /amsg?
Add support for multiple servers?
Add admin levels
Stop it spamming your error logs
Add per user option to disable colours
Make it so other plugins can spam chatserv

I have tested this with Telnet and PuTTY with connection type set to raw.
Plugin doesn't compile on the forums.


Get Plugin or
Get Source

Get Plugin or
Get Source


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ChatServ 0.1 - Control your server from telnet
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